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Using Digital Photographs in Scrapbooking Projects

by: Jane Karwoski

Digital cameras are a wonderful invention. In the past, the quickest way to get a fast photo was by using an instant camera; but one always sacrificed quality when it came down to the print itself. Now, anyone can simply print out all their digital pictures right after they are taken, without sacrificing quality.

Try experimenting with the various options your photo editor has to offer to give select photos a unique and personal touch. Don't forget to save each edited photo in case you want to frame your creation at a later date. Correct any imperfections in your photo by using photo editing software. Adjust the quality with the editing features using sharpness, blur and despeckle. Make your image appear clearer and brighter with these features.

Put your creativity to use with the color adjustment feature. Sepia makes an interesting look for portraits. Try using sepia for pictures of flowers and landscape scenes also. This look is great for an eye-catching photo layout. Try framing them for an artistic look for your home d├ęcor.

Black and white gives photos a sophisticated look, and works great for an old-fashioned family portrait. Try grouping several black and white photos together for an interesting family-themed scrapbook layout.

Cut, crop and resize your photos if you choose. Remember to make several copies of your photos before permanently mounting them to your scrapbook pages.

Try using the different fonts available on your computer and print out fancy lettering to title each scrapbook page; put captions under each of your photos. Add a little humor to each description. You will love reading them in the years to come.

With all the fantastic digital cameras on the market and the availability of photo editing software, there is no limit to making all your scrapbooking projects special.

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