Thursday, July 05, 2007

photo for Baby Center blog

This photo was originally uploaded to the Google group which (not by my choice but somehow was set to private when I set up the group) and the URL of the uploaded picture was used as a background image for the blog Baby Center using the method as described in How to put image or logo at the side of blog Header. I tested it and it was successful. What I didn't realise was that the baby was visible only because I was logged into the Google account which allow me to view the photo.

One day, I checked Baby Center in a browser in which I was not logged into that Google account which was used to create the private Google group and was shocked to find out the baby (logo) wasn't visible. That post and blog must have been read/vied by many people, but unfortunately non of them alerted me to that unfortunate fact. So now what I am going to do is to upload the baby photo in this blog and use the photo URL to replace the one in the private Google group.