Sunday, September 16, 2007

Google AdSense referral text links not displayed

This is not the first time I have installed scripts for 3 referral text links to be displayed on my blog's sidebar - AdSense, Firefox with Google toolbar and Google Pack. Sometimes, not all text links are displayed. Once it was because I added Google Checkout and Google Checkout is not available for my country. But this time, instead of AdSense, Firefox with Google toolbar or Google Pack, only one text link was displayed, and it was neither of the above three, but only one for "Egypt Market Research Report".

So far, I have only installed referral text or button links for AdSense, Firefox with Google toolbar, Picasa, Google Checkout and Google Pack. However, in my report, I see reports for referrals for other products which I have never installed. This was after they implemented referrals 2.0.

I think if Referral 2.0 have a way to optimize their referral links, probably for the optimal earning potential. However, if they want to do that, what they should do is to display all 3 referral links, but replace one with another referral link which they sense may have a higher earning potential.

However in the case of Guide to Egypt, what I saw was only one referral text link, that is "Egypt Market Research Report". The other referral text link I included wasn't displayed. I think this is unwise of AdSense and I shall report this to AdSense Support and see what they have to say about it.

Things are not static, and not only that, what is displayed may depend on the location of the visitor, so I show below a screenshot of what I saw when I visited the blog:

Guide to Egypt blog with only one referral link displayed