Sunday, October 14, 2007

Embedded Microsoft Document with MP3 option

I found Scribd and was very happy to see that it allows me to embed Microsoft Word documents, Excel files, Powerpoint presentation, in fact, according to that site, files in all major formats. Not only that, I embedded a Word document at Chinese Dinner at Hua Xing Restaurant at the Sungai Way New Village (Kampong Baru Seri Setia), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. There are various options at the bottom of the embedded document, including a MP3 option, and I was very happy because here now is a tool I can use to enable blind person to be able to "read" Word documents. I have Apple Quicktime installed in my computer. When I clicked on the MP3 link at the bottom of the document, that downloaded an Apple Quicktime MP3 file which when opened resulted in an MP3 Player as shown in the screenshot below:

MP3 Player from an embedded Microsoft Word document using Scribd

(actually, that was from a featured Word document "Ten Things To Do" on Scribd homepage today 14 October, 2007. I used this instead of the above document because I want to make sure that the problem mentioned below is not only for the Word document embedded into my Blogger post, but is the same also for other Word documents). I clicked on the "Play" MP3 play button button, but heard nothing. I have uploaded this screenshot and will be contacting Scribd to see if "playing" a Word document as an audio is possible.