Sunday, November 04, 2007

eSnip Music Player in sidebar problem

I have made a post testing putting the eSnip music player in a post at Test eSnip Music player in blog post. The test was successful. A blogger asked how to fit the eSnip music player in the sidebar. I did a test and successfully added the eSnip music player at the bottom of the first left sidebar of Blogging Ideas. I put a screenshot of the player below:

eSnip Music player customized to fit sidebar

The problem now is, the play button ended up very small, like this: eSnip music player small play button

This is how the play button looks when you do not edit the script:

Here, you can see the "Play" triangle clearly clearly, and once you click on the "Play" button, it changes to eSnip Play button change to Stop button. Here you can see the difference between "Play" and "Stop" (represented by two vertical lines). In the sidebar, unless you have microscopic eyes, you can't see the difference.

If you want to see the real things, surf over to eSnip music player in blog post with original script unedited and Blogging Ideas: eSnip at the bottom of the first left sidebar, script altered to make eSnip music player fit the sidebar width. Click the "play" or "Stop" buttons to see the difference for yourself.

For instructions, see eSnip music player in sidebar: Instructions