Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comments waiting for moderation and response

Comments waiting for moderation and response

I have been approached regarding writing a book (print) which I really wants to accept. However, I have a constant stream of comments and emails coming in requesting for help and information, and currently there are a not insignificant number of comments waiting for moderation and response (see screenshot above), my country is currently facing a crucial election (Blog for Positive Changes), the oppositions need lots of help as they are fighting in a very unfair playing field with the dice heavily loaded against them, I have posts waiting to be prepared and published and a myriad other tasks to take care of.

The offer to write a book is a chance in a lifetime which I badly wants to take on. However, it means committing quite large portion of my time to it as deadlines have to be met and I want to do a good job. This will be at the expense of of all the others needing attention. I have a tough choice to make, but I really want to write that book. If you find me responding to your comments and emails slower than usual, I hope you understand.

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If it is really something urgent, put the word URGENT as the first word in the title, but please use that responsibly.