Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Photobucket forex pop-up nuisance

Got a message about some interesting features in Photobucket. Even made a post, Online photo editor: Photobucket. However, a shock awaits me when I signed into my free Photobucket image host account. Here is a screen shot of what I saw:

Photobucket nuisance forex pop-up

Now don't even try to click on that [x] thinking that it will close this nuisance pop-up. It will not close, but instead open a new tab or window that is all about some crap regarding forex (foreign exchange, probably something to do with high risk trading). This is not the first time I come across such deceptive means to get you onto the advertiser's site. Often, I would not click on the [x], avoiding that from bad experience and try to close whatever that is from Windows Task Manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete. This didn't work and the only way I can get rid of that pesky thing is by closing that browser, but even if I do, I don't know if I will get bothered by it again when I sign into Photobucket.

Going to ask the Photobucket forum and see what response I get.