Saturday, June 28, 2008

GPS tracking devices as a source for maps and SEO tool

Maps as SEO tool

I have visitor counters installed for all my blogs. I have found from experience that there are frequent hits from searches for maps. Thus one of my strategies is to have posts which include a map to some particular place.

Sources for images of maps

Previously I used to draw my own maps using AutoCAD. This is tedious and time consuming. Now I am thinking of using GPS Tracking devices (GPS is short for Global Positioning System) as a source for the maps.

map from <br />GPS device
Photo of Map from GPS device is property of Chris Palmer

Now some may bring up this tricky problem of file format, that the map cannot be used in its native GPS device specific file format in a blog post. But no problem. The map could be saved as a screen shot or a digital photo in the universal .jpg format may be obtained from a digital camera shot of the map itself and uploaded to a blog post.

Other uses of GPS tracking device

The GPS tracking device may also be used:
  1. for spying on cheating partners, espionage, other spying purposes

  2. for GPS tracking for law enforcement operations such as a sting operation

  3. as tracking means for valuable consignment of goods

  4. keep track of young children or even teenagers

  5. for keeping track on the vehicles in a fleet