Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kitchenette organize space pot rack

With population explosion, large bungalows (stand-alone houses) are now a real luxury. The majority of the people have to make do cramped apartments and condominiums. Because of limited space, the kitchen is normally small. I still remembers my student days of staying in the married students apartment. We had to make do with just a tiny kitchenette which have to share space with the dining room, not unlike the photo below:

Photo of pot rack is property of Darren Curtis

With such limited space, it would be great to have a overhead pot rack. Below is a photo of such an overhead pot rack from Enclume pot rack:

overhead pot rack

Alternatively, wall mounted corner enclume potracks like the one in the photo below:

wall-mounted corner overhead pot rack

Such an overhead pot would have gone a very long way in helping better utilization of the cramped space. However, I am not longer staying in an apartment anymore. My foot is now firmly planted on the ground staying in a more spacious accommodation. I can afford a little teeny bit of "luxury" of using other types of Enclume pot racks like stand-alone pot racks like the one in the photo below:

stand-alone pot rack with rollers

Very nice, it even have caster wheels.