Monday, October 13, 2008

Skin Care and Anti Aging

Would you believe that the beauty below is 57 years old?????

middle-aged Beauty Joan Lunden

Found that photo at Resurgence. Resurgence claimed that that stunning beauty is Joan Lunden who is already a ripe 57 year old. At this ages, most women would be "wearing" a multitudes of wrinkles on their face. Not Joan Lunden who must have taken very good care of her skin and probably taken anti-aging preparations. Joan Lunden's smooth complexion is one a woman would give her most precious possessions for.

Murad resurgence® claims that they can give you a younger looking skin in just 30 days, and that is guaranteed. Well, looks are one thing, health is another. However, I think the 2 is connected as a healthy skin will lead to a better looking skin. Whatever, Murad Resurgence® money back guarantee to give you a healthy skin within 60 days.

This is a resurgence infomercial.