Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Easy way to increase traffic to your blog

I have published a post How to get free traffic to your blog where bloggers can get some free traffic by publishing a post about my blogs with links to them and get BlogExplosion credits transferred to them. I have requested BlogExplosion to make some kind of credible acknowledgement of successful credit transfer but they have not provided what I requested for, so I have to resort to taking screenshot of portion of the screen as I make the transfer as a kind of proof that I have made the transfer as I am a retired associate professor and have regular visitors to my main blog Blogger Tips and Tricks and do not want to have people doubt my reputation like if there are accusations that I did not do what I promised. So here are two screenshots as I made a transfer and it is the best I can do to prove that I did make the transfer of credit I promised, though it fall short of what I had hoped from BlogExplosion:

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first step in transferring BlogExpplosion credits

BlogExplosion credit transfer successful

This is the best I can do, but to me is still not sufficient. I will be writing to BlogExplosion again giving them a link to this post and hope they come up with something more credible.