Thursday, January 03, 2008

Problem with blank Kontera ContentLink which eventually disappear, leaving behind normal text

This has been a festering problem and if not resolved, or at least a commitment to get the problem resolved, may affect some users confidence in Kontera ContentLink in-text ads. This kind of ads is within the actual content of a website where a visitor's concentration is focused, and thus has the best visibility as compared with ads in the sidebar, etc. Kontera ContentLink in-text ads thus have great potential once the bugs had been ironed out. I know Kontera is fairly new and expect some glitches, but the least I expect is at least to let publishers know that they are working on the problem, but so far, I have not received any such indication.

This is the problem. I not infrequently come across this. I see a Kontera ContentLink, hover my mouse over it, and a blank "pop-up" or "tool-tip" or whatever you may call it, appear:

blank Kontera ContentLink ad

I watch the blank "whatever" for about a minute, then it disappear, leaving a normal word or phrase which used to be a ContentLink:

Kontera ContenLink ad disappear, leaving behind normal text

I will report this again to Kontera and see what is their response.

Update 17 January 2008: Response from Kontera: "we are aware of this issue but always appreciate getting feedback from our users.

The issue you're describing results from the efforts of our relevancy engine to display the best, most relevant ad per selected keyword. On the rare occasion that such an ad is not found, the link may disappear. This occurs quite rarely with ContentLinks and I'm surprised to hear that you have come across this occurrence several times. I assure you that our teams are working hard to resolve the issue."

Note from author: Let us hope Kontera resolve this problem soon.