Monday, April 21, 2008

Google group truncated problem

Haven't been very regular at Google Blogger Help group, but recently followed a link and reached a thread that seemed out of ordinary to me. The thread was sort of truncated to a very short section and one have to use the vertical scroll bar to see the rest. Below is a screen shot, but the problem is actually worst. The screen shot below showed a deeper message than what I had earlier, but because I use a 22" wide screen, I had to type or copy paste
into the address bar to reduce it to 800x600 screen resolution so the screen shot will be narrow:

Google group truncated thread problem

Actually, the above screen shot did not show the truncated thread problem as clearly as when I first viewed it with a 22 inch wide screen monitor. The thread was very wide and very shallow (short) with lots of blank space below it. I could not view most of the message. I have to use the vertical scroll bar to view the rest. I was using the Flock social web browser.

To make the screen shot narrow, I had to type
into the browser address bar and press the ENTER key to reduce the screen resolution to 800x600. However, this resulted in the truncated thread become deeper and you will just see a small blank space below the thread. The problem was more acute when it was first noticed.