Sunday, May 04, 2008

3GB Communities: Another photo hosting website cum social networking

Most Internet users will know Flickr and probably also the free Photobucket image host. Just found out about 3GB Communities which is another website where you can upload your photo plus it is also some kind of social networking website where you can create a blog (this is one up on Flickr as I don't think Flickr gives you the opportunity to create blogs), chat with other members of the 3GB Communities, meet new and old friends, join groups, send and receive messages, even do 3GB Communities searches including 3GB Communities Advanced Search.

3GB Communities even have what they call "radio" at 3GB Network where you can listen to MP3 hits. I am not too much into music so didn't try that out. One thing I did try out was 3GB Communities search which I hope will turn up photos using search terms like "reef" or something and find photos of reefs uploaded by members. However, I was a bit disappointed to find out that "search" is searching for 3GB Communities members and not photos. However, if I can remember correctly, clicking on a member's link will show his or her album which will have photos he or she uploaded.

But I would not be able to tell if the photos are copyright or uploaded via Creative Commons license like Flickr and if I see a photo I want to use, I would be very much afraid to use it as that could be copyright infringement. If only there is a link I can click on to request that feature to the administrator of 3GB Communities as that will be one feature I would like to have.

One good thing about 3GB communities is this friend requests. Within hours of joining 3GB Communities, I already had 5 friend requests, all accepted of course. Now I have 5 more people I can consider as friends. Don't know about you, but for me, the more friends I get, the merrier it would be.