Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peter Chen Online Reputation: Create Profile at LookUpPage

Now that I am embarking on a mission, a Dream Driven LifeTM, this online web application, Professional online profile. I need to project a professional image and be easily found on the Web. I just signed up for an account about half an hour ago, and already my profile can be found via their people search for "Peter Chen" and LookUpPage Peter Chen People search, is the result, or more specifically, Peter Chen Professional online Profile.

Now let us try searching by country, Malaysia. Again, even though my page was set up not long ago, I could be found by country search at LookUpPage Malaysia. Clicking on the link highlighted by an arrow again resulted in getting to my LookUpPage Profile.

Profile Link in LookUpPage Search Result

Not bad, can be found just less than an hour after adding my Profile. To complete this, all I need to do is to Google "Peter Chen" or "Peter Chen" Malaysia" or "Peter Chen" "Kuala Lumpur Legacy".

Result of Google Web search for Peter Chen"

Searching "Peter Chen" resulted in a lot of search result not related to me, but searching "Peter Chen" Malaysia resulted in 4 of my pages in the first 10 pages, namely
Blogger Tips and Tips, my main blog as the first result, then
Blog for Positive Changes in fourth place,
Peter Chen Blogger Profile in fifth place
Peter Chen Flickr Profile in sixth place.

However, obviously my LookUpPage Profile is nowhere to be found (at least in the first SERP or Search Engine Result Page as it had just been published and thus not indexed yet. I am going to ping that page and later on see if my LookUpPage is easily found or not. Note, however, I am using a free account. Perhaps a Pro account will give better result.

Also, perhaps I should give the search engines a "grace period" and try again later to see if my Professional LookUpPage Profile will inch higher on the SERP.