Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shopwiki Google Online Merchant: Home Improvement Tools

Online Merchant Directory - Shopwiki

Most bloggers knows about blog directories, but have they ever heard of Shopwiki, the Google of Online Merchant. Why do I refer to this interesting directory as the Google of Online Merchant. This is because Shopwiki indexes all the online merchants it can find, just as Google index every web pages it can find. This is very much unlike other commercial directories where an online merchant owner would have to pay to get listed. Because Shopwiki index all online merchants they can find, I would expect its inventory to be quite complete. This will come in handy if I happened to be searching for photos of power tools for my blog Home Improvements Tips and Tricks.

Shopwiki Home Improvement

I used to be a handyman, always tinkering around my home.

Power Tools

I have quite a collection of power tools. My Black and Decker hammer drill is now more than 30 years old, still working. My son is taking over, and he says the hammer action of my old trusty hammer drill is not strong enough. Regarding searching for Workshop and Home Improvement Tools, I found a nice photo of a power drill:

power drill
Photo of power drill is property of Shopwiki power drills

Hammer Drills

I noticed this section: Hammer Drills.

hammer drill
Photo of hammer drill is property of Shopwiki

Lots of choices there. Now all I have to do is to bring my son's attention to this handy directory. However, regarding the above photo, of course I need to get clearance from Shopwiki.