Saturday, October 18, 2008

GPS Tracking Devices - blessing or curse?

I will soon be getting a GPS Bay E668 running MapKing R12 software and comes with MapKing Peninsula Map (commercial), Malsing East and West Malaysia as well as Malsing Singapore map.

GPS Bay E668

This GPS device will be an extremely useful device to have in a car as it will help motorists to quickly locate places they want to go.

However, GPS Tracking devices perform a different function. These are devices that one attach to vehicles car tracking to track their movements and can be considered spy devices as it can help suspicious spouse check on movements their other half, help employers check on movements of their employees, help spies follow their prey without being noticed. It sounds like George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four "Big Brother is watching you".

As a concerned parent, one should warmly welcome such tracking devices for the purpose of teen tracking for concerned parents to keep track of their teens. Of course teenagers will resent being tracked by parents, but these days crime is rife and they should welcome devices like these as it help parents keep teenagers safe and in a position to assist if ever teenagers gets into problems such as been kidnapped.

As long as the motives are proper, there should be no objections to the use of such tracking (the more negative people will say spying) devices for valid purposes.