Monday, October 20, 2008

Handbags Galore: Woman's essentials

Why is it that every woman must carry a handbag when stepping out of the house? Little wonder. Just look at the average content of a woman's handbag:

content of a handbag

Hair brush, hair band, hair clips, lip balm stick, lip gloss, correction stick, Eau de toilette, perfume samples, pocket mirror, air lift with olive oil (what on earth is that?), IPod, handphone, USB stick, USB thumb drive, wallet, notebook, vouchers, what else?

Look at the content of this handbag!!!! Overflowing till handbag not able to be closed:

overflowing with games handbag

Even a handbag specially designed to carry an Apple PowerBook:

Apple Powerbook handbag

With so much stuff to carry around, it is not a surprise that a handbag has become an essential accessory for women. However, women are fortunate in that it is possible for them to run wild with imagination regarding handbag designs. It is a handbags galore Here are some samples:

There is an eccentric kangaroo with pouch handbag, a quilted handbag and a monster leather handbag. Lots more.

However, it is not only handbags that women are given the liberty to run wild with designs. It is also shoes galore and ladies accessories galore etc. I sure envy the liberties accorded to the ladies.