Thursday, March 20, 2008

Google AdSense Link Units and Blogger Layout: Problems

Google AdSense allows maximum 3 link units. However, I have noticed that very frequently, if you add the maximum 3 link units, one of them is blank as you can see from the blank space in the right sidebar of the screen shot of this blog.

Google AdSense Link Unit blank problemGoogle AdSense and Blogger HTML/Javascript Page Element in Layout problem

You can see the blank space at the top of the right sidebar where a Google AdSense link unit is supposed to be. It is highlighted by a red ellipse

Another thing. There were originally 2 HTML/Javascript Page Elements in the left sidebar, one for Google AdSense skyscraper ad unit, one for Amazon Omakase skyscraper unit. I found the Blogger Layout for this blog very strange for displayed in the Layout is only one HTML/Javascript Page Element in the left sidebar.

Today I added the 2 extra Google AdSense link units, one in the left sidebar, and one in the right sidebar using the HTML/Javascript Page Element. I dragged and dropped the newly added Page Element to the second position in the left sidebar in the Layout. Now what do you see in the screen shot above? The Link Unit is in the third position after the Amazon Omakase skyscraper unit!!! See the Blogger Layout for this blog in the screen shot below. The second HTML/Javascript Page Element contains the script for the Google AdSense link unit. The HTML/Javascript Page Element for the Amazon Omakase skyscraper unit is missing, but is displayed on the web.

Blogger HTML/Javascript Page Element problem

Exactly what is going on? I will try to find out.